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How To Plan a Wedding in Bali


A wedding in Bali is quite special. You see, Indonesia is a cluster of islands that each have their own unique culture. Their culture is infused with the west, Asia, India, and the pacific islands. Bali is one of the most famous islands in Indonesia, and Balians have a very unique way of celebrating their Indonesian wedding celebrations.

Traditionally there are three types of marriage styles involved with a wedding in Bali, the “Ngerorod” (elopement), the “Memadik” and the “Nyentana”

Traditional Wedding in Bali

The “Ngerorod” (elopement) Style Wedding in Bali

The elopement Indonesian wedding is a more popular choice nowadays. This includes the bride and the groom meeting outside of their family estates and proceeding to spend the night together which is usually accommodated by one of the couple’s close friends. Please note that this is well orchestrated by both sides of the family and is more of an exhibition especially for the bride’s parents who pretend to be really outraged at the audacity of the groom and his family to scheme their daughter into marrying which will ultimately lead to her downfall.

The “Memadik” Style Wedding in Bali

In this type of Indonesian wedding, the groom and his family visits the bride’s parents and her family to ask for their daughter’s hand in marriage. This is quite a costly endeavor which includes several large ceremonies where the groom’s family is laden with expensive gifts during this style of wedding in Bali.

The “Nyentana” Style Wedding in Bali

The third type of wedding in Bali is where the groom goes to stay with the bride’s family. In this Bali wedding tradition, the bride’s family are ones who ask for permission from the groom’s family. This sort of Indonesian wedding ceremony occurs when there are no sons from the bride’s parents as a result, the groom would become responsible for carrying on the family linage and taking care of his bride’s family estate.

Traditional Wedding in Bali-The Ceremony

On the morning following the Indonesian wedding proposal or elopement, a priest will perform a confirmation or if you will, the legal ceremony. This is called “mekala – kalaan” which is very close to a traditional civil ceremony which includes an offering of fresh flowers, a coconut leaf, fruits, and a Balinese cracker. This type of ceremony during a wedding in Bali is very intimate and the clothing is usually kept very simple.

A more elaborate Indonesian wedding ceremony is very common place for a wedding in Bali. During this ceremony, guests wear traditional clothing. The groom can also host an Indonesian wedding reception for any other friends who were not included in the traditional ceremony.



Then there’s the food at the reception, which is not traditional, but western influence has added to the fun. The families prepare the feast, which usually includes island favorites such as a roasted pig, calamari, Samosas, and Martabak (Indonesian pancakes) made with a meat.

Three days following the Indonesian wedding, the groom’s family goes to the bride’s house, at this point the “Ketipat Bantal” ceremony is performed during a wedding in Bali. This ceremony act as a symbol of unity for both families.

A wedding in Bali is certainly unique and filled with many rituals, why not have a fabulous Indonesian wedding.

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