Nobel Danish Wedding Fyldt Med Kærlighed

danish wedding

A Danish wedding quite extraordinary and heartfelt. The Danes are known as the happiest people in the world, the most satisfied with their lives. The happy people in this country are a part of the modern world. They live in a place heavily influenced by western culture, which influences modern Danish weddings. In modern Denmark, as in all good love stories, their weddings begin with the proposals.

Traditionally, the man will propose to the woman without a ring, and they will go shopping to choose rings together. After this the wedding planning is done primarily by the couple getting married, they also share the cost of the Danish wedding. As the wedding approaches, traditionally the groom will not see the white wedding dress the bride chooses before the wedding day.

danish wedding

Before the wedding, a pine arch is built in front of the bride’s home. It is called the gate of honor, and the bride’s family passes through it before the wedding.

In modern Denmark most couples live together, so it has become a tradition for couples to sleep apart from each other the night before their Danish wedding to make the day stand out from other days. Some Danes will have a wedding at a church, arriving there thirty minutes before the wedding. These weddings are generally traditional Catholic masses, but increasing amounts have been getting married at their city hall. Whether they marry at a Christian church or their local city hall, there is a big celebration after their wedding. These celebrations are small and intimate, the highest number of guests being around eighty.

Danish Wedding Waltz

Some fun Danish wedding reception traditions are that when the bride leaves the room all the women rush to kiss the groom, and when the groom leaves the room all of the men rush over to kiss the bride. This is all done in the spirit of fun. Before the end of the night, the couple is required to do the waltz together. After this all of the men lift the groom up, cutting off the tips of his socks to symbolize that he will never follow after another woman.

During the feast, if the guests bang their dishes, the bride and groom must climb upon a chair and kiss one another. When the guests stamp their feet, the couple kiss under the table.

danish wedding cake

Danish Wedding Cake

The Danish wedding cake is usually a traditional, cornucopia-shaped marzipan cake, made of marzipan, almonds, and pastilage. They fill the cake with fresh fruit, candy, and almond cakes. The cake is decorated with sugar flowers and other European pastry decorations. It is bad luck if the couple doesn’t cut the first piece together, and each of the guests are required to have a piece.

danish food

Danish Wedding Food

At the Danish wedding feast, you will generally find traditional Danish food. Being so close to the sea, it is no surprise that the guests will be fed fresh fish. Champagne is drank, and the couple is generally celebrated. The reception and the feast are entered into good humor with a lot of laughter and warmheartedness.

Romantic and heartfelt, nestled with good friends and close family is exactly what a Danish wedding is all about.

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