Romantic ‘Ljubim’ Slovenia Wedding

slovenia wedding tradition
A Slovenia Wedding is one of the least heard-of and most beautiful treasures of the world. If you ever get the opportunity, you should visit Slovenia’s lush green countryside and take in the natural wonders.

Slovene law dictates that weddings must be performed by Slovene officials in the registry office. This is the only legal wedding and the church ones are more symbolic than the actual legal Slovenia wedding. Some Slovenes keep it simple and only get married in the registrar’s office, others have religious ceremonies in the (mostly) Catholic churches, and others will get married in the castles in the countryside.

Their historic traditions were fun events dotted with some practicality based on the fact that it used to be much harder to travel from village to village. This made them large, sad events. As the woman would leave her village and enter a new home in the village of her husband

On the day of the wedding there is the “kidnapping of the bride.” This is a fun Slovenia wedding tradition where several woman would dress as the bride to fool the groom, and he had to select the one that is his bride. After this he has to negotiate with the “kidnappers” (the bride’s family) for her release. He usually has to bribe her family with either a gift or money during a traditional Slovenia wedding.

Real Slovenia Wedding

After this the groom performs feats of manliness, or the sragna. Historically, during a traditional Slovenia wedding the groom would prove that he was man enough to take a woman from the village that has protected her for her entire life. Some of these “feats of manliness” are simple tasks that a man would historically have to do to protect his family, but others are just fun. Some families still participate in this Slovenia wedding tradition.

During the Slovenia wedding ceremony itself, the bride’s veil is removed and a red carnation is pinned to her hair, this symbolizes her transition into married life. The groom also has a white boutonnière on his lapel that is replaced with a red carnation. This is one of the most beautiful of their Slovenia wedding traditions, it represents the bride and grooms transitions from innocent kids who are responsible for no one to adults responsible for each other’s’ well-being.

As with many other European nations, the bride’s dress is customarily white, and the traditional red carnation will be placed on her hair by the maid of honor after her unveiling.

slovene recipes

Slovenia Wedding Food

Another Slovenia wedding tradition is that they enjoy wedding bread, which is breaded and decorated with paper flowers and other aesthetic highlights. This would be eaten at the Slovenia wedding reception. They would also eat Pecivo, which is a traditional cake they eat at most of their celebrations. They would also have a large amount of meat, including smoked ham and beef. They would also likely eat some mushroom soup (they like earthy plants). Dessert wouldn’t be huge, maybe some fruit cups and other low-calorie treats.

They would drink wine with their meal, and they would provide a wide variety. Different kinds of wines would accompany each of the courses, starting with a dry white wine, then on to a red wine, and finishing with a sweet white wine with the dessert. You can learn more about Slovene wines here.

A Slovenia wedding is sentimental and truly romantic…

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