Secluded Honeymoon in Hawaii

honeymoon in hawaii

A perfect honeymoon in Hawaii. Imagine basking in the sun on a secluded island, with white sandy beaches and lush green rain forests. Also imagine being able to enjoy fresh fruits and delicious meals prepared by the natives. This is what Molokai has to offer you on your honeymoon to Hawaii.

Molokai is Hawaii’s 5th largest island and is approximately 38 miles long and 10 miles wide. The highest cliffs in the world can be found right here on this beautiful island. If you are not afraid to get your shoes muddy and you just want to relax in seclusion with your sweetheart. Here are some must do activities to undertake on your honeymoon in Hawaii. Also, to learn more about wedding traditions in Hawaii visit here.


Honeymoon in Hawaii, Visit Kalaupapa National Historical Park

Belgian missionary St Damien once called this place home. St Damien was known for helping people who were exiled to this secluded island because they had Hansen’s disease. He too also contracted the disease and later died. A visit to the grave site of this selfless Saint at the St. Philomena Roman Catholic Church is surely a must while you honeymoon in Hawaii.

The Kalaupapa Peninsula is also visible from the 1,000-foot elevation of Palaau State Park. 34-acres of recreation area offers couples who honeymoon in Hawaii winding trails alongside aromatic eucalyptus and ironwood trees as well as spectacular views of Molokai’s north coast.

“The word “scenic” does not do the area justice. There are so many ins and outs of beaches and coves, fascinating geology” NahanniRafter

You must note that Kalaupapa National Park is only accessible by donkey ride, hiking tour or airplane from the small commuter Kalaupapa Airport (LUP.


Honeymoon in Hawaii Visit Papohaku Beach

Also known as the “Three Mile Beach” is the quintessential place for a romantic beach side picnic. It is literally 100 yards wide and very secluded. If you love the beach as much as I do then this to me would be the highlight of a romantic honeymoon in Hawaii.

This beach is also a popular campground and you will see picnic areas, restrooms along the beach but don’t worry, it is by all means it is still very secluded. While enjoying some champagne on the beach, you will be able to enjoy the scenic view of Oahu.

Halawa Valley

If you love to hike, you must visit Halawa Valley while you honeymoon in Hawaii. Apparently, this was home to the early Polynesians who settled there around 650 AD. This area is very sacred. On your trip you will come across many secluded places of worship known as Heiau.

You will also be mesmerized by the gushing crystal clear Mooula waterfalls and exotic animals which inhabits this oasis. If you simply cannot resist taking a plunge at the foot of the falls while you honeymoon in Hawaii, you must follow tradition and drop a ti leaf into the water first. Legend has it that a monstrous reptile called “moo” lives beneath the waters so, if the ti leaf doesn’t sink that means the moo will allow visitors to swim in his waters. Please note that you will need a guide in order to explore this area so, be sure to check with your concierge first.

Central Molokai

You will not find any skyscrapers, big city buses or even street lights for that matter, here in this quaint little town. This charming center is also home to the island’s main harbor where you will often see natives fishing for their super. If you love seafood as much as I do, you will be in heaven while you honeymoon in Hawaii.

Ala Malama Ave is the town’s main strip and you will find an array of cafes and boutiques for you to buy souvenirs and taste some of the most delicious local cuisine. Be sure to visit Kanemitsu bakery while you honeymoon in Hawaii, you will find long lines of locals and tourist alike waiting to buy their fresh loaf of bread. You must try the onion and cheese bread, one word, YUMO

Whether you decide to explore all of the islands of Hawaii or simply choose to relax and do absolutely nothing at all, Molokai is the perfect destination for you to honeymoon in Hawaii.



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