Tips for Planning your Wedding Reception Menu

 Tips for planning your wedding reception menu shows you how to pair white wines with your guests meals. 

 Tips for Planning your Wedding Reception menu will help you pair white wines with your guests meals.




















Tips for planning your wedding reception menu  is Part 3 of our wine series.

While the red wines seem to add dominance in white wines are just as exquisite in taste and quality. Again, rules are meant to be broken and individual taste and liking speak volume in choosing the overall brand and specific pairing with foods. Here are the detail descriptions of pairing white wines with foods.

White Wines

Chardonnay- is the King of White wines because of its grapes versatility. It can grow well in any variety of location throughout the world. Chardonnay offers ripe, rich and bold fruit flavors of fig, apple, melon peach, pear, pineapple, lemon, grapefruit, spices, butter, honey, butterscotch and hazelnut flavors.

  • Pairs well with Chicken with cream sauce/ Pork with cream sauce / Shrimp with cream sauce / Caribbean cuisines

Muscato (Muscat Blanc or Muscat Canelli) – contain strong spices and floral notes and used to blend with other grapes

  • Pairs well with Salmon / Baked Ham / Spicy & Glazed Ham / Crab cakes

Pinot Blanc – often referred to as the poor man’s Chardonnay – it is often used in Champagne and blended with spices, pear, fruits, and honey.

  • Pairs well with chicken with Lemon cream sauce / pasta and seafood sauce / Seafood Salad / Spider roll & Crab sushi

Pinot Grigio – found in the northeast of Italy and Burgundy and Loire it is best known for making dry white wines and tends to be soft , perfumed flavored and has more color than the other white wines.

  • Pairs well with seafoods / Light pasta / Shrimp in Garlic Lemon sauce / Grilled seafood Kebobs

Riesling – has a unique floral taste but vary in other aspects by regions or country .In one area the wines are understated with very little alcohol while in other areas they are spicy and full bodied and others the taste can be bone dry.

  • Pairs well with all sort of  Middle Eastern to Mexican cuisine, salads, standard poultry or pork dishes

Sauvignon Blanc -  dubbed as a very recognizable aroma as it is often describe as grassy. This wine includes young apple and citrus fruits with a sweet rich flavor.

  • Pairs well with white meat – Fish / Shellfish / Chicken / pork

Viognier – a rare white grape of France Rhone Valley it is one of the most difficult grape to grow. With its floral spicy taste it is on the top list of exclusive sort after wine

  • Pairs well with seafood – fish Halibut / Pasta primavera / Chicken Tetrazinni / Curry Lamb

Semilion – great wine and one of the few white wine  that ages well. It consist of pear, fig, tobacco and honey taste.

  • Pairs well with scallops/ Seafood Kebobs/ lobster / Cod fish / Fried Chicken




These are the list of other white wines that you can use when planning your wedding reception menu that are either rare or distinct to certain regions and in most cases quite expensive and hard to come by.

 Chenin Blanc

French Colombard

Fume Blanc



Trebbiano or Ugni Blanc

Next series we will discuss how to purchase and serve your reds and whites.

Hope you enjoy these  tips for Planning your Wedding Reception menu since you will now know how to  pair white wines with your guests meals.

 - Part 3

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