Winter Weddings Tips To Winterize Your Venue

Winter weddings are one of the most underestimated seasons for planning your dream wedding! Although winter weddings can also be beautiful and fun, people prefer to choose another season for their wedding due to the cold and wintery conditions. But winter weddings are becoming more popular, and one of the major reasons for this is that it is a lot easier to find and organize a restaurant or venue for weddings.

To make your winter wedding perfect we will help you with a few tips on how to best organize it. It includes all of the colors that will dominate when choosing flowers, music, invitations, etc.

As for the choice of colors in decorations for winter weddings it is recommended to use red and green color simply because both are an ideal fit with the winter atmosphere. The only thing you need to watch out for is that you do not go overboard with the amount of color because otherwise everything might look more and more like holiday celebrations and not your wedding.

Decorations For Winter Weddingswinterize your wedding

The flowers that you would like to have for your winter wedding could be red roses! In any case, they are a great choice. Orchids and Callas will fit very well with the winter atmosphere. Besides, you do not even have to give priority to one flower instead simply look for flowers that bloom in winter, and incorporate it into your floral arrangement. There are many popular flower options for winter weddings. These include  hydrangea petals rich or delicate ranunculus. But no matter which flowers you choose certainly chose a simple white ribbon to wrap around them.

winterize your weddingBesides choosing flowers a huge commitment of the organization of winter weddings, other things to consider are sending invitations, and given that winter weddings are held indoors and requires a lot more formal invitations to be used. Consider ballroom inspired invitations, and accordingly you will need invitations in darker colors, such as blue, that you can put in a silver envelope.

Invitations For Winter Weddings

winterize your wedding

Decorations to consider for the ambiance of  winter weddings can certainly bring a touch of romance, and warmth. The best way to enter the warmth and love into the space is to decorate with candles. What many people practice is that in contrast with candles for decorations use placed vases filled with ice, which bring a little bit of outdoor winter atmosphere in the space.

winterize your wedding

Music is another key element for winter weddings You really need to think long and hard about your choices. While your guests are still at the dinner we suggest a light dinner solo piano performance in the background that will give your winter wedding a note of elegance. After dinner, guests are ready for the real fun, and they should then enjoy the fun rhythms.

For a cocktail you can serve hot drinks such as hot chocolate or apple wine. In addition, many will agree that sake-tinisare an excellent choice for winter weddings,  it is a traditional Japanese rice wine with the addition of a bit of vodka. This cocktail is served in “winter mode” -with sugar coated crystals on the edges of the cups.

winterize your wedding

In any case, winter weddings are the right way to move from the usual ones we would all have. Weddings are the right place to be what you actually are, so if you love winter, why not get married in the winter!?

Guest post on Winter Weddings by Maya Savanovich on behalf of The Flower Man, an online flower delivery service and florist in Sydney Australia. Winter W weddings



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